I did my Pre purchase inspection with these guys for 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 Chris did a great job disclosing as much as possible about the condition of the car and gave me a great feedback that helped me with my decision. Chris went out of the way to accommodate me, communication was quick and efficient. Kayleigh at front desk was great at making the arrangements and taking pics of all the imperfections as per my request. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks Guys.

5 MW Motor Werke 8/18/2017

Service was done as requested and on time. Friendly, competent and professional, what more do you want? Definitely return for any additional work.

5 MW Motor Werke 8/12/2017

I enjoy how Motor Werke accommodates my schedule and is very flexible. I and love it when they give me my car back fully detailed.

4.5 MW Motor Werke 8/12/2017

The team is great, Chris went over all the findings with me in detail, made sure I understood what was going on. I even got a courtesy car while mine was in the shop. Great detail job too. Highly recommended.

5 MW Motor Werke 8/12/2017

Fantastic customer service and superb attention to detail before and after required work. Every repair explained and justified, all removed parts available for inspection, photographs of the work, and on it goes. The staff are capable, competent,thoroughly professional and a pleasure to be around. This is the way it should be.

5 MW Motor Werke 8/3/2017

Chris and Jeff have been caring for our cars almost since we moved to Kelowna. My 67 mgb gt v8 conversion has been Jeff's "baby" and I think he's worked out the most difficult bugs. Just today I stopped in without an appointment because my wife has curbed the front end on her car and the air dam was hanging down. I think Jeff delayed his lunch to put it on the hoist, replace the broken screw putting everything back in place ( to my wife's great relief ) and then Chris saying " no charge". Quality service from quality people.

5 MW Motor Werke 7/28/2017

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my car. It is a pleasure to drive it now that the noise is gone and its nice and quiet. Detailing the car is a great idea and a pleasure to drive the nice clean and shiny car.

5 MW Motor Werke 7/27/2017

Few warnings: 1. What you're quoted is never what you'll be asked to pay when you arrive- there's always a surprise "hidden" somewhere. 2. If you happen to have gift cards, beware: you cannot use them at the same time as getting a customer loyalty discount. Ever heard of a business that doesn't allow you to use gift cards on a sale item... asking you to pay pre-sale price just because you have gift cards?? (The answer is NO!!). Ridiculous and complete non-sense. Opposite of customer loyalty. 3. A light bulb changed for over $600, only to find out just weeks later it wasn't installed properly. When I took it back, they charged me for it again, and I had to point out to them that it was their own faulty work, so NO, I wasn't going to pay for it twice. 4. If you ever find an error in what you've been charged, don't expect to be reimbursed appropriately or in a timely manner. You'll have to be persistent-- only way you'll get your money back, if you're lucky. 5. Document everything! Quotes, emails, conversations... AND after all this, you'll walk out made to feel you're the one who is difficult. Best of luck.

2 MW Motor Werke 7/22/2017

We had an engine warning light come on in our older Jaguar while vacationing in The Okanagan. We found Motor Werke online via the positive reviews and were not disappointed. Chris and Kayleigh were professional, helpful and accommodating from the moment we stepped into their office. They even gave us a complimentary loaner car while they kept our car for diagnosis and repair, which was a much appreciated gesture, considering we were not regular clients. They diagnosed the issue we came in for but also discovered another more serious problem and took care of that too. Chris made sure we knew the cost and detailed the repairs ahead of time. The invoice was not cheap but you get what you pay for and what we got was exceptional service, peace of mind and a vehicle that was thoroughly serviced and repaired. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again if the need arose!

5 MW Motor Werke 7/20/2017

I just want to thank the staff for great service and a fantastic experience from the time I dropped my vehicle off to when I picked it up. I will definitely bring my car back for all its maintenance.

4.5 MW Motor Werke 7/20/2017