I had my dates mixed up for some scheduled work on my Mercedes wagon. I dropped the vehicle off 2 days prior to the appointment. To my delight the team at MW Motor Werke managed to fit in the repair the very next morning. Not only did they exceed my expectations once again but, as always, the vehicle was returned to me after a nice wash and interior cleaning. The exceptional service, personal gift left and the written thank you note are what sets the MW team above the rest. They are the only choice for servicing our vehicles. Thanks for all of your efforts.

5 MW Motor Werke 12/14/2017

This was one of the best car service experiences of my life! And I had over 20 sport cars so far(not that I'm proud of that ...) Superb brand knowledge!All predicted and completed work was carefully explained by Kaleigh. She also made follow up phone calls to assure complete satisfaction. If you are looking to service your vehicle in the future, and you are all about the quality of overall experience than you pay a visit to MW and you will be glad you did! Thank you MW, you are the top class shop in my books :) Jovica

5 MW Motor Werke 12/7/2017

MW were very flexible to my needs and I was impressed by the level of communication as well as the work that they did for me.

5 MW Motor Werke 12/5/2017

Very professional, personable and accommodating staff. Their work-up is thorough and estimates are provided that do not differ from the completed work. All anticipated and completed work is carefully explained by Chris and Kaleigh - no surprises. The only place to go.

5 MW Motor Werke 11/30/2017

Very happy. Not sure what you guys can improve on. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

5 MW Motor Werke 11/25/2017

Thanks MW , Getting to the bottom of an engine check light problem on my X3 took a bit longer than anyone expected, but after methodically working through the diagnostics Craig eventually found the problem and got the engine check light extinguished .Craig then got the oil and filter service and service check list done. Nice touch in that Craig took me back into the shop and showed me the 2 belt tensioners that are starting to chirp and will need changing out in the Spring. Tess did a great job washing and vacuuming my car and got me turned around and headed back to Cherryville once again enjoying my BMW . Thanks Chris and Kayleigh

5 MW Motor Werke 11/24/2017

On budget and on time, good work. Very satisfied with the service performed.

5 MW Motor Werke 11/23/2017

Very friendly and efficient staff. They clearly explained the work that needed to be done on my vehicles (BMW car and Volvo station wagon). I had a very good experience with them.

4.5 MW Motor Werke 11/22/2017

“ITS FIXED” Thanks l can sense the pride & nice detailing.Your staff sure gives a nice personal touch. See you in a few weeks

4.5 MW Motor Werke 11/18/2017

The Motor Werke crew takes perfect care of my track cars which makes it easy for me. Thanks gang.

5 MW Motor Werke 11/11/2017