• Summer Preparation!

    The Top 5 Summer Maintenance Tips We’ve enjoyed a string of warm weather this past week, I think it is safe to say that summer is just around the corner! Whether you’re cleaning up your vehicle for summer or pulling the winter cover off your convertible, it’s time to prep your car for the desert heat. In our last newsletter we discussed the importance of changing your winter tires in a timely fashion. This time around we’ve compiled a list of summer maintenance essentia... read more

    Posted on: Wednesday, 29 April 2015
  • Learn Why Heat Kills Your Winter Tires

    For most of us on the west coast, it’s been a mild winter and an early spring. If you’re like me, you’re embracing the warm weather by installing your summer tires and rolling down the windows on your way home from work. Although I like to get a head start on summer, it’s not uncommon for some people to put off changing their winter tires for another month or two. This is a big mistake and can cause unnecessary damage to your winter tires. So how do you know when to make... read more

    Posted on: Friday, 13 March 2015
  • Restoration Services

    Why We Do What We Do At Motor Werke, we are passionate about the vehicles we work on. A vehicle undergoing restoration requires every bit of care and passion to make the vehicle turn out just right. This can only be done by having the best trained technicians using the highest quality materials and parts available. We see this as the way that we would want our own vehicle to be restored. What We Do The first step in the restoration/upgrade process at Motor Werke is the assessment of the vehic... read more

    Posted on: Friday, 26 December 2014
  • Winter Tires VS All-Season Tires

    Well, somehow we reached that time of the year again and soon enough that cold little white stuff will once again be falling from the sky. If you’re driving your vehicle year round you’ll want to make sure you have the right tires on when the time comes. One of the biggest questions we hear as we approach the winter is about the difference between winter tires and all-season tires. So we wanted to outline some of the differences for you here, so you have a good understanding moving f... read more

    Posted on: Friday, 14 November 2014
  • Tire Storage

    Keeping Rubber off the Road Heat and exposure to the elements influence your tires’ aging process. You can slow down that aging process by following a few tips for seasonal storage of your tires and wheels. While tires will age somewhat regardless of what safeguards are taken, these guidelines will help slow the process compared to taking no precautions at all. Preparing Tires for Storage Clean off each tire with soap and water and a tire brush to remove brake dust, dirt and grime. For... read more

    Posted on: Thursday, 10 April 2014
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