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When it comes to embarking on an exciting road trip adventure, ensuring your vehicle is road trip ready is paramount. At Motor Werke, we understand the importance of having a reliable vehicle when heading out on the road. Our experienced technicians are here to provide you with comprehensive road trip readiness service.

From performing a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s vital components to checking the tire pressure, brakes, fluids, and more, we leave no stone unturned. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that your vehicle has been meticulously prepared for the journey ahead. Don’t let unexpected car troubles ruin your road trip excitement. Trust Motor Werke to get your vehicle road trip ready, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories along the way.

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Top 5 summer maintenance tips to keep you on the road.

1. Check and replace fluids

Fluids play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your vehicle’s various components. Start by checking the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid levels. If any fluids appear low or contaminated, they should be replaced or topped up as necessary. This ensures smooth performance and prevents any potential issues on the road.

2. Air conditioning system

A functioning air conditioning system is a must during scorching summer days. Turn on the AC and make sure it blows cold air consistently. If you notice any unusual noises or weak airflow, it may be an indication of a problem. Get your AC system inspected to ensure optimal performance and address any issues before they worsen.

3. Clean and inspect the battery

High temperatures, like extreme cold, can also put additional strain on your vehicle’s battery, leading to faster depletion of charge and potential failure. Check the battery terminals for corrosion and clean them if necessary. If your battery is more than three years old or shows signs of weakness, it should be tested by a professional. They can evaluate the battery’s health and replace it if needed.

4. Tires

Hot pavements and long drives can take a toll on your tires. Inspect them for any signs of wear, cracks or bulges. Ensure that the tire pressure is at the recommended level and tread depth is sufficient, as underinflated and low-tread tires can overheat and lead to blowouts. Don’t forget to check the spare tire as well. Rotate the tires if needed and consider replacing them if they are worn beyond safe limits. Note: one of the most common items we see with tires, is the inside edges wear out before the outer edges do on most modern vehicles. Take the time to get down low with a flashlight and look at your inner edge tire wear, it will save you from having problems with traction and high speeds or worse, a blowout if the wear continues unnoticed.

5. Windshield wipers and lights

Summer rainstorms can occur unexpectedly, so having a clear view of the road is important. After running over snow, ice, and frost over the winter months windshield wipers can become littered with thousands of tiny cuts and blemishes on the wiper edge. These imperfections leave room for water to leave streaks or a film on your windshield as they wipe, making it quite hard to see at times. Additionally, check all exterior lights, including headlights, tail lights, and turn signals to ensure they work properly.

Taking the time to perform these essential summer maintenance tips is a great start. However, these are just the basics. A full vehicle inspection by a professional, will cover your vehicle’s entire system and ensure your vehicle’s reliability and safety throughout the season. Come see us at Motor Werke, and we’ll have one of our qualified technicians take a look over your vehicle and identify any potential problems before they can get out of hand and ruin your summer.