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Import vehicles like Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Infinity, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru are sophisticated driving machines. Our Motor Werke promise is to supply you with premium customer service, repair and maintenance of your vehicle.

You’ll feel our Motor Werke difference the moment you connect with us. There’s another level of care, attention and understanding you receive here at Motor Werke. We are a team of caring professionals with a goal to take the hassle out of maintenance and repair for you.

Using state of the art diagnostic technology and equipment we can diagnose and troubleshoot any problem quickly and with precision. We place special emphasis on Preventive Maintenance programs for systems, such as brakes, suspension systems, front end repairs, cooling system, wheel alignments, tire balancing, transmission servicing, differential maintenance, on-board computer diagnosis and repair, and lube and oil changes.

We guarantee our work to be exemplary… so much so we offer a 3-year warranty option on all repairs with use of OEM parts.

Next level service for you as well as your vehicle.

At Motor Werke we take great pride in the quality and attention we give each and every vehicle we service. What we are really known for though is our care and attention to you and everyone of our customers.

You’ll feel this the moment you make an appointment with us, through to the attention and detail we provide, and most certainly when you pick up your perfectly washed vehicle topped with a little goodie bag. We love working on vehicles, but we love seeing smiles as they pull away even more.

import car repair kelowna

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