Meet the people who make Motor Werke run.

Our Kelowna auto repair experts put quality first, going beyond what’s expected, double and triple check every hose, fastener, and clip to make sure your vehicle is perfect.

We’re all about excellence, not volume. Our people are paid by the hour, not at a flat rate per job. We hire them because they’re passionate. They stay with us because they know we are, too. Here’s an opportunity to meet our team of technicians and employees that make our Kelowna auto shop run, and keep your car running better.

Chris Germana


Braeden Stacy


Sophie Steadman




Customer relations manager



Pack Manager


Security Guard

Derek West

Certified Technician, RSE

Michelle. Chief HR / Financial Officer.

Michelle Bayne

CAO / Partner

Jason Samide

Certified Technician, RSE

Brad. Service Advisor Assistant and Tall Guy

Brad Van Achte

Service Advisor / Tall Guy

Marlo and Fritz. Non-Human Resources.

Fritz & Marlo

Non-Human Resources

Tod. Aerodynamics Performance Officer.

Tod Melynk

Johnny’s Wax Shop Founder

Kirin. Pit Crew Technician.

Kirin Moorman


Caleb. Lot Technician.

Caleb Gagner


Clinton. Junior Detailer.

Clinton Lobb

Head Detailer

Aaron. Shop Attendant and Food Disposal Specialist.

Aaron Cumming

Technician / Food Disposal Specialist

Eugene Wessels

Eugene Wessels


Nathan Thomas

Certified Technician, RSE

Liam Delaney

Certified Technician, RSE


Devlin Bonner

Marketing Creator

Jordan Wickett. Parts Advisor

Jordan Wickett

Parts Advisor

Marie. Range Rover Shuttle Pilot.

Marie McAlpine

Shuttle Pilot

Richard Mendonça

Certified Technician, RSE

Jude Logan

Lot Technician

Shaun Powers

Parts Advisor