Powder Coating Brake Calipers

With almost any project on a car there is both the easy way, and the proper way to do it. Brake caliper refinishing has long been one of the most popular ways to personalize your ride. Whether you’re trying to make your once-plain calipers stand out, or change up the factory powder coat on your high performance brakes, it is one of the most subtle yet effective changes you can make on a car.

Why Not Just Paint Them?

Caliper refinishing is one of those things that can be about as cheap and easy as you want it to be. You can go pick up a couple cans of spray paint, take your wheels off, mask the brake rotor, give your calipers a wipe down, hit them with a couple coats, and call it a day. This seems to be the preferred method for many high school kids, but as with many things they do, there is definitely a better way to go about it. There are many products being advertised specifically for painting calipers, but the reality is that paint will usually only last a few years at best, and won’t look very good for much of that time. Brakes go through a lot of punishment and experience a lot of heat, dust, and road debris, which even a caliper specific spray paint will have a tough time standing up to.