The Snap-on ZEUS Scanner Explained

Have you ever wondered how technicians are able to diagnose and repair even the most elusive problems on your vehicle within hours, or even minutes? As years go on and technology improves, modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex. Perhaps a bit too complex for those who grew up working on carbureted engines, and only knew air conditioning and power steering to be luxury features. Miles of wiring and countless plugs and sensors litter the engine bays of today’s vehicles. To the untrained and unequipped, it may as well be a spaceship. When dealing with the various engine management, adaptive suspension and active safety systems, you need more than a screwdriver and a handful of wrenches to solve many very common issues.

With over a century of development in the field, Snap-on has provided industry leading diagnostic technology to automotive service providers such as Motor Werke. The top of the line ZEUS diagnostic system is the culmination of all those years of research and development.