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Mercedes has a long history of building vans, technically dating back to 1896 when they covered their first flat bed turning it into a van. Mercedes never stopped making vans, with models throughout their entire history, residents of North America have a shorter history with the Mercedes van really starting in 2001 when they brought in the Sprinter under Mercedes, Freightliner and Dodge to our shores. These vans were practical, reliable, economical for their size and quickly grew a following. Offered in many body configurations from long and short wheelbases, high and low roofs, passenger, RV or commercial bodies the Sprinter can be specified for your needs.

At Motor Werke we service hundreds of Sprinter owners in Kelowna.

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Sprinters like any other Mercedes have continued to evolve offering greater efficiency and power to make sure these hard working vans are by your side whenever you need them. Utilizing modern diesel engines with high efficiency the Sprinter is designed to keep operating costs down. Sprinters are also the camper van of choice for conversions new and old to make tiny homes on wheels for exploring the country side.

sprinter repair kelowna

sprinter service kelowna

Sprinter Repair & Motor Werke

Sprinters being commercial and travel vehicles seem to cover more miles than almost any other vehicle out there so it’s not surprising they need servicing. Being a Mercedes there are differences to servicing your average work van which is where Motor Werke comes in, with years of experience servicing countless Mercedes models we know the ins and outs of proper maintenance, ensuring that your road trip or commercial van can continue its work!

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